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Who is Dick Wolf?

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The king of Chicago!

(Although some will argue the king of ‘Law and Order’)

Well in my opinion he is the guy who has significantly improved my TV viewing over the past couple of years. He is the executive producer of the highly Chicago franchise – Fire, PD, Med and now Justice.

I for one am hooked and cannot wait for the weekly installments of my favourite characters.


My wife and I actually stumbled across the original series in the franchise, Chicago Fire, as there was nothing on tv and we picked upon this programme as we had previously (albeit a long time ago) were addicted to London’s Burning.

Granted Chicago is a better setting than London!!

Absolutely love Chicago Fire, the fast paced action, great characters and story lines made me hooked. Casey and Severide are superbly cast and help drive the series forward but are brought together by the fire house and Chief Boden – who if he said jump you certainly would!!

The humour element is also prominent and takes the ease of the sometimes hard to watch stories, when I say hard I mean in the sense of sensitive subject matters.

Image courtesy of NBC
Image courtesy of NBC


As the seasons passed, PD was starting to be integrated through Fire, and we saw the early seeds planted with Sgt Hank Voight. Who at first nobody liked but now is an absolute hero.

PD fast became my favourite show and still is in the series, the antics and closeness of Voight, played superbly by Jason Beghe, and his team make for gripping viewing.

Image courtesy of NBC
Image courtesy of NBC


Chicago Med then followed and I found this to be a little slow and not at the same level as say Grey’s Anatomy or the other great Chicago Hospital drama of ER. Although I watch religiously, just in case I miss a point for any of the other series, it doesn’t have the same impact of Fire or PD.

But it plays an important role to highlight the main emergency services in the city and allows for great story lines throughout.

One Chicago – Justice

Cross overs make the franchise and earlier this year ‘One Chicago’ was broadcast which was a 4 way cross over leading to the latest in the Franchise – Justice.

This has to be one of the best tv events over the past couple of years. CIS tried to achieve this type of crossover but only used the main star of each programme where as nearly all of the cast from each appeared on ‘One Chicago’

Which includes the newly transferred Antonio Dawson from PD along with Carl Weathers (AKA Apollo Creed). Now this has a more structured story line as every story has to end in a court room. For me this doesn’t leave room for twists and surprises which we are regularly treated too with the other 3 Chicago’s.

It is early days and I am more than willing to give this a try based on the success which I have seen in the other 4 shows.

Whilst watching all of these series what I have noticed is what a cracking city Chicago actually is, the sky line and river front look just superb. It is now somewhere where I am seriously considering going for my 40th in a couple of years.

Anyway keep the stories coming, the cross overs are superb, addicted to Chicago

Dick Wolf is a legend!