Prison Break – Was the break too long?

Has it been too long bringing back the Schofield brothers?

The first 2 seasons of Prison Break were ground breaking and addictive TV with a lull in season 3 before a far fetched finale in Season 4. But season 4 felt like the right ending for the cast and characters and it brought closure.

Jump for 7/8 years and season 5, I as like many fans, was excited but also sceptical about how this will pan out and how the new scenario will take place.

For those who know Michael, has come back from he dead, in the style of Dirty Den or Bobby Ewing from Dallas and has found himself in a Prison in the Middle East.

Now the first episode was crammed full of information to lay the plot and in my opinion it all felt rushed and they tried to incorporate too much, in an effort to get the focus over to the prison. Although it felt rushed it picked my curiosity on where they were taking this season along with the nostalgia of seeing the aged faces which made the series great in the first place.

But episodes 2 & 3 have been a mixture of action, several story lines and different twists. But to me this is rushing all too quickly, have Fox tried to commission a shorter series to gauge how viewers would react to this come back? I don’t know but as big a fan as I am of Prison Break I was losing my concentration at the end of the last episode.

I will clearly perserver with the series but I hope the producers close this book and not lead to a season 6

Now 24:Legacy on the other hand is a great re-boot as they have used the new Characters around CTU!!