My New Obsession – Million Dollar Listing

Over the past couple of years, as I get older granted, I have found myself more and more drawn to the UK property programmes and have always wanted to be able to just go out and afford some of the properties which are shown. None of which were ever in my budget but you can always dream, but that dream got supersized when I came across the Million Dollar Listing programmes.

If you are not aware of these shows, it follows top agents in different cities in America who list the best properties in the respective cities.

I know, I know they have been around for a while but I am binge watching them all now.

I first picked up on the Los Angeles version which gets to to see the insides of homes/mansions of the Hollywood Hills, Sunset Boulevard & Malibu. Now some of these are just out of this world, the rooms, the views, the pools all of which are something us mere mortals can only dream off when high end buyers are haggling over $300k – that is more than my house!!

Some of the prices on this show are just unbelievable if only I could afford a fraction of these prices but I suppose this is the purpose of the show, to show this side of the real estate in the US.

Now you can ask anyone who knows me and that I am obsessed with New York, so when I watched the New York version, I became seriously obsessed. The views over central park, Empire State building and down town just made me dream a little bit harder and made me make sure my lottery numbers were on every week!!

Oh to be able to get to one of the main brokers in New York, sorry it has to be Ryan, and offer him $6 Million for a penthouse suite with views of downtown New York.

The show itself is interspersed with their lives, which sometimes does get a little cringy (Luis, I am talking to you) and you can tell some of the areas are staged which I suppose is part of the whole story and to break up the listings. I can only assume there is not an endless supply of houses/apartments!!

Are the developers really that grumpy when making $20 million dollars?!?!

Imagine putting in an offer for this $100m New York Penthouse, just wow!!

credit: Hayes Davidson/James Ewing Photography

All of these are currently being shown on ITVbe and if you like to have a dream about properties then I recommend this show.