Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 is just superb

A quiet Bank Holiday Monday, so what is there to do?!?!

Go the pictures and watch the best film I have seen of the year, well so far at least.

Don’t get me wrong I am a huge Marvel fan and my anticipation of this film was long coming.

The first film was superb and set the scene nicely for this film which is roughly set around 2 months after the first film where the Guardians fly around the galaxy struggling to keep their new found family together whilst battling old and new enemies.

The action starts fast, the comedy starts fast (who knew Dave Bautista could be a comedic actor) and the story gets going from the off. None of this building the story over the first hour of a film, ala Suicide Squad, this gets going and the story picks up as it goes through.

The story is also compelling and they tie up loose ends from the first film as well as taking the audience on a new journey with new characters, don’t really want to say too much as it would be on the verge of spoilers. All I can say is a small baby tree steals the films funniest parts!!

Everything about this film stands out from the 80’s sound track, to the cameo’s through to stunning visual graphics and fight scenes to make this a must watch film. If you can try and watch it in IMAX 3D, I saw it at the Vue on Cheshire Oaks and for me this made it extra special.

Marvel have delivered a true treat for its fans and shows why they are on a different level to that of what DC Comics are trying to achieve and the brand is going from strength to strength (The Thor trailer was on before and looks superb, better than the Wonder Woman one!).

Also remember to stay to the very end of the closing credits as there are around 5 additional scenes which is in the same tradition of Marvel.

My only request is that they now drop Stan Lee, we know he created this universe, but does he need to be in every film, No!

Time to retire the acting role Stan.