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How Ant-Man and The Wasp slowed down Marvels Juggernaut!

So this is my review on the latest Marvel offering, Ant-Man and The Wasp, and yes it may contain some spoilers which I apologise for in advance.

Now every Marvel film now has a heightened anticipation on how the film would fit into the Marvel cinematic universe, and this film was no different, considering Ant-Man played a part in Civil War.

But unfortunately, as the title suggests, this film didn’t live up to my expectations, 5/10 at best.

Infinity War

So earlier in the year Marvel, did spoil us with the eagerly anticipated Avengers:Infinity War (which lived up to all expectations) but there was one tiny character that was missing – Ant-Man.


The first film was great and really set up this character well but in my opinion this sequel was weak. There were too many side shows in the story that kept stop/starting the main story.

The element that they put in place as to explain his absence from the Infinity War epic battle was that he was under house arrest – unless I missed something else this wouldn’t stop a superhero, especially when he managed to get around the house arrest half way through the film albeit with a little it of help.

The film overall is ok, and they make full use of Ant-Man’s ability to shrink and to “hulk up” at a touch of a button and this is exploited several time during the film to greater comedic effect – and to be fair the digital effects were pretty impressive.

A well choreographed car chase throughout San Francisco was particularly memorable and did combine action and comedy once more.

The Plot

Michael Douglas, and his daughter Hope are in hiding, conducting experiments that will allow them to rescue Hope’s mother Janet (played by the never ageing Michelle Pfeiffer) from the quantum realm – kept thinking Quantum Leap during the film (early 90’s reference)

A ghostly figure, with links to Shield, who suffers from molecular disequilibrium (had to Google this), black marketeer and token bad guy Sonny Burch and Bill Foster (played by Laurence Fishburne) become entangled in Hank and Hope’s plans.

The obvious happens and disaster strikes meaning Rudd has to defy the terms of his “House Arrest” (why didn’t he do this to stand side by side with the others to fight Thanos??) to suit up once more as the Ant-Man and retrieve a stolen power source from the ghostly figure.

Rudd’s workmates at X-Con Security play the supporting roles but they don’t really play an integral part to the main plot and are just there for comedic effect and obvious slapstick moments.

Ant-Man and The Wasp draws heavily on Rudd’s impeccable comic timing to deliver the comedy element of the film, but as you have gathered I felt that the plot was flimsy at best and the quest to rescue Janet from the quantum realm is unnecessary drawn out and I knew I had been watching the film for 2 hours – which you don’t get with other Marvel films.

Great effects and good acting by Rudd but let down by the plot of the movie.

I believe Rudd has a credit for the next Marvel film, the follow up to infinity war which could explain the cliffhanger sequence in the end credits but it took 2 hours to get there!!

Let’s hope Captain Marvel offers a better outing to get the Marvel Juggernaut moving back up to the pace as to where it should be!