24:Legacy – How to jump start a franchise!

24: Legacy bringing back gripping TV!

As you have seen from my previous posts I wasn’t too impressed with the re-boot of Prison Break as I thought it was trying to bring back the same cast and situations as we saw 7/8 years ago. This to me was an attempt at trying to drain every dollar out of the franchise. Which was a shame as I was a huge fan of Prison Break.

But I was/am also a huge fan of 24 and I was pleased when I saw that the franchise had been re-booted but with a new cast and a whole new situation and set over an initial 12 hours but yet still in real time.

For me this worked and it worked well, the new cast and characters instantly jelled as part of the Counter Terrorist Unit and it wasn’t centered around Jack Bauer but a new story and new situations.

Pivoting the new story around new hero’s but basing it around CTU was key for this to work. CTU must be the worst place in the world to work, the recruitment and death rate there must make it the worst place in the world to work.

The CTU ring tone though was a huge flashback to the main series.

As much as I love Jack Bauer it was time for a different type of direction, I think if the entire story was around Jack then I don’t think that this had worked as well as it did. The same way in which the Schofield brothers are in Prison Break.

Each episode was full of action and drama and twists which was what 24 was always about but in this format it was delivered quicker and removed the frustrations fans, including myself, previously had.

Carter is great as a new ‘hero’ and his back story was briefly touched upon but would be a great basis for a series 2 should there be one!?! He for me had the likability factor that is required to lead a franchise as big as 24.

The new characters were great including the reference to Edgar Stiles through his cousin Mariana Stiles who now works in CTU, hope in future she doesn’t go the same was as Edgar!

The main cameo, SPOILER ALERT, was the return of Tony Almeida. This kept the old die hard fans happy, well very happy, sad as it may seem I got goosebumps when he was mentioned and came back to get involved with the main story.

To me this worked, great story, great acting and great effects. The explosion earlier on was well executed and was pivotal to the main story.

I want to see where Carter and co go in series 2 and would love to see this get recommissioned, in fact I actually tweeted fox about this but also added that they needed to bring back Chloe O’Brian (Mary Lyn Rajskub) and she liked my tweet which I was made up with.

Chloe O’Brian liking my tweet!!

Please fox bring this back, great series and it needs another run!