The best part of the 2017-2018 season

A lot of Evertonians will say that there was not one part of the season just gone that they can hand on heart say was the best part of the 2017/2018 season – if we are being honest some of the performances on the pitch were dire and the performance off the pitch didn’t inspire the fan base either.

Manager Merry Go Round

At the start of the season I think most Evertonians would have said that this was shaping up to be one of the best seasons for a long while.

Players were being bought, including the homecoming of Rooney, a new higher up structure was being put in place and Steve Walsh was the Director of Football and players were leaving – most notably Lukaku.

It looked like Moshiri meant business.

Now there have been many opinions on what went wrong during the first half of the season, but to name a few –

  • No replacement striker to replace Lukaku
  • Tough start to the season
  • Weak Defence
  • Dressing Room split
  • Slow players

Well my view on this, which I am allowed (although you wouldn’t think so based on some of the Twitter warriors) is that there was a disconnect and not with the players but between the Director of Football who brought in average players for high fees and the manager.

I firmly believe that this set up was wrong, did Koeman want a DoF he hadn’t previously and it worked well and was Walsh up to the role of DoF.

It clearly wasn’t the case as after a disastrous set of results Koeman left and Sam came in.

Now if you read my Twitter feed you can clearly see that I hated Sam from day 1, I think that he could have won us the league and I would have still hated him. No connection with the fan base whatsoever and so much arrogance and I am so glad that he has gone – and livid with the protection he gets from the media.

If he is regarded as this wonderful manager then funny how his name wasn’t mentioned with the Arsenal role!! Surely getting onside with the fans the way in which Moyes did would have been a more productive way to go.

All Change

So ahead of the new season there is again renewed optimism, the changes are being made at the top a new board and new Chief Executive – thank god Elstone has gone.

The appointment of Brands first as the DoF, who has experience in this role, is the right move in my opinion as he is now looking to find the right manager who he can work with and the get best out of the players and to move the club forward.

Ok it is likely to be Silva but if the rumours are to be believed Brands is looking at several different options also and I am pleased that this is taking time, as this needs to be right.

No excuses!

But it does raise my excitement levels ahead of the new season – I just hope it isn’t like last August!

Ok rant over, so what was the best part of last season?? Well it was actually the home pre-season game vs Sevilla

The usual home pre-season game at Goodison Park which is always a good warm up ahead of the season but this game had more significance than normal. It was the first time I took my son to a football match, his very first game, at 3 years old and more importantly at Goodison Park.

My boy’s first game!!

As the momentum builds up to Everton moving to the new ground at Bramley Moore I wanted to take my boy to Goodison so at least he can say he has been there.

The day started by him jumping out of bed shouting “Everton, Everton, Everton” then we had to put his kit on straight away, this was only 8:30 at this point and we weren’t actually leaving to go the game until 1, so both myself and my wife knew it was going to be a long long morning.

He was asking loads of different questions during the morning about what we were going to eat and drink and how big the screen was going to be. It was at this point we realised he actually thought he was going the Cinema to watch Everton play and not the actual football ground. So this took up most of the time in the morning in between him running around shouting kicking a football.

As we approached the ground there are Everton signs up on the lamp posts and he shouted ‘Everton’ at every single one, although I didn’t think he really knew what was ahead of him.

We parked in Stanley Park, and walked up to the ground, obviously stopping off at the park and the shop, where we had to buy him a ball and a new kit – which I was obviously more than willing to get for him.


We get to our seat just before kick-off, he needs the toilet, so we go back down and they come out – he misses z cars gutted. We are walking back up the stairs, he misses Sandro’s opening goal – gutted!!

We then sit down and he has a slight interest and is asking questions – as the first half progressed the questions became more about when he could go home. The 2nd half was just as long with him more interested in the iPad rather than the game (he didn’t have to endure some of the games I had to during the season!!) but I expect that to change as he gets older and starts to attend more regularly.

He of course wants to go again!!

My boy is a Blue!!

Regardless of the painful season we have ensured, this will always be one of my best memories and not just of the previous season!