Silva & Brands – This doesn’t feel like another false dawn!

I love sitting back on Twitter and seeing all of the different views on what should be happening at Everton and everyone seems to be an expert – it is quite entertaining, I am just glad than none of these are in charge otherwise we would be in deep trouble and on our third manager this month.

Now that we are entering the 2nd half of the season I thought I would give my thoughts on how it has gone so far this year. Everyone has an opinion which they are entitled too and these are mine.

First Half

The first 5 months of the season have been a mixture of highs and lows with the low being highlighted by the mauling of Spurs – but was this more down to bad luck and confidence rather than bad formation and tactics.

Ever since the Derby the confidence just hasn’t been there which was clearly seen in the performances against Newcastle and Watford (although Watford are playing some good football this year).

Before that though Everton had a decent run of games which saw the Blues closing in on the group in 6th, which is something that I hoped would happen but falling away over December wasn’t something which I expected but just highlights what work is needed – especially bringing on Niasse as an option against Brighton.

There was as a slow start which was hampered by a couple of sending’s off which could have seen those draws turn into victories and put the team in a stronger position, the same can be said about injuries to Gomes and Mina – having these 2 with a full pre season behind them would have seen a greater start to the season.


This leads me onto the players, it is clear that a large part of them play well with confidence and when there confidence isn’t up then they don’t play well.

A prime example of this is Richarlison, he has been playing as a centre forward, and when he gets roughed up his confidence goes and isn’t the same skilful player and starts looking to dive to the ground. I would say he is best out wide and be more creative and let DCL or even Tosun stay up top and fight with the centre half’s.

The confidence goes towards other players also such as Pickford, Bernard and Theo, once there confidence is up then they are great but when they are not feeling it one way or another then their performance is way short of what is expected. Can you see Pickford making the error against Tottenham for their first goal before the Derby game? I can’t.

I expect more out goings in January than incomings with players such as Niasse, McCarthy and Schneiderlin making way but it wouldn’t surprise me at all (although I don’t realistically think it will happen in January) if a big name such as Walcott leaves.


It is clear that there is a lot of work to do, no one is denying that, and it is certainly unfair to call out the manager after only 6 months. There are clearly players within the squad which are just not working out or adapting to the style or philosophy which Silva is looking to adopt.

I would say that the hardest job over the next 2 transfer windows will be down to Brand’s to ship players out and to replace them with quality, but also quality that will fit into Silva’s style.

This is why I can see the 2nd half of the season being similar to the first half of the season where we will string together some good results and then fall apart against a lesser perceived team – lets hope it just isn’t Lincoln in the cup.


In my opinion Silva has done well so far with what he has had to work with and we should all be getting behind this manager and give him a couple of windows to get his stamp on the squad and style of football that he wants to play.

It is clear who he favours and who he doesn’t and the style and tempo of play that he wants to adopt and I have no problem with that.

Should be sacked, No. Should he be backed, 100% yes. Is this better than Koeman and Fat Sam, 100% yes.

My only concern which is something that was clear against Burnley and Brighton was the inability to motivate the players in the same way – was this down to changing the team and player positions?

It did confuse me that after a great away win the team was changed, yes I know there has been a large number of games, but keep it as is even if that meant Richarlison started on the bench. As the starting 11 at Burnley played well, should he be dropped for Leicester?

There have been several false dawns and mis-spending of the transfer kitty (dig soley aimed at Steve Walsh) but this doesn’t feel like another one.

This more about re-building more strategically for the future and could take a couple of seasons – I know patience isn’t any football fans strength, including my own.

Overall there have been positive signs, something which we should all get behind to build something great – and long over due.