Everton Hammered by a poor team

This was meant to be an good game for Everton, but Everton we’re hammered by a weaker team.

Everton on 6 points and West Ham on 0 at the bottom of the table, this was there for the taking.

How wrong could I be!!

Bad afternoon at the office

West Ham were not great but Everton were worse!! The result still baffles me hours later.

The first 20 minutes Everton looked to control the game, nice passing and getting the ball out to Digne who was putting in some great crosses – but as was to be the case for most of the afternoon there was no one in the area!!

Our downfall came from poor passing and poor defending and a player touted to Everton in the past, Yarmelenko, put the visitors ahead and against the run of play at that point.

But this was the turning point, once we conceded the heads dropped and the errors then came into the game.

A poor pass from Jordan Pickford led to Yarmelenko making it 2-0, this wasn’t down to West Ham playing wonderful football it was down to poor football from Everton.

This is so often the case for the past couple of seasons.

A turning point was taking off Schneiderlin on the 43rd minute, why was this the case, he didn’t appear to be injured – if his head wasn’t right (due to the death of his father in midweek) then he shouldn’t have started, full stop!!

But just before half time we pulled one back, great cross by Kenny for Sigurdson.

Set it up nicely for the 2nd half.

The 2nd half wasn’t that great

This wasn’t the case, nothing happened in the 2nd half, no pace, passion or creativity- that’s with Bernard on the pitch.

Whilst Everton were trying to find the pace and positions to get an equaliser, up popped Arnautovic to make it 1-3 and unfortunately you could tell from the players body language was game over.

This shouldn’t ever be the case but it was for this game and even Silva thought the same when on 75 minutes Tosun had been taken off for Niase and Walcott off for Lookman (a player who has openly stated he wants out)

This told me Silva had accepted defeat at 75 minutes and this is unacceptable!

Niasse should have buried the change he rattled against the cross bar and there was a slight glimmer of hope with Bernard down the left – but that was about it in the 2nd half.

Not one player today should have come off the pitch with their head held high, not one.

If I had to give a man of the match then I would give it to Digne.

The defence has the inability to hold up against any team so the sooner Mina, Keane and Jags are fit then the better.

Upfront was toothless which is strange and Tosun should have buried his header in the first half but we need Richarlison back and fit next week to add to the fire power.

What is going wrong?

Are players being rushed back too soon from injury?

Gueye who is normally reliable and the first on the team sheet was placing wayward passes and didn’t appear to be himself.

Schneiderlin, as stated above, wasn’t in it. Silva stated that this was tactical but 2 minutes before half time was a strange time to make this – although we did score shortly after.

Niasse as much as he tries and was lucky last year in scoring a handful of goals (remember the one off his shoulder when he went to head it in the other corner) he just isn’t up to the standard that Everton requires.

Lookman doesn’t want to be at Everton and could be a bad apple in the dressing room.

Pickford appears to be suffering the same World Cup hangover that Harry Kane is suffering from, he just isn’t the same keeper from last season and he isn’t too big of a player to be dropped for a couple of weeks.


Yes Everton currently have significant injuries to key players so these coming back should make a difference. I am particularly looking forward to Gomes who should tighten up the midfield and Mina should have better quality than Holgate and Zouma – although both have tried their best but again are just not cutting it at this level.


I am not putting the sole blame on Silva and I think he is the right man, along with Brands, to rebuild Everton over the next couple of transfer windows.

I have heard people talking about not having a plan b etc… but he doesn’t have the right squad to have a plan b and most of his plan a isn’t available due to injuries or suspensions.

We do need to give him time and Everton cannot become a club that chops and changes every season, this doesn’t help with long term stability.

Although he needs to get the right players in for zonal marking.

He has my backing for now but the last couple of performance have been unacceptable, can we get anything at Arsenal – lets hope so.