Want to feel old? Well blame the Lightning Seeds!!


Now you may ask why blame the Lightning Seeds. I love the Lightning Seeds they are one of the best bands I have seen live in concert. And as such I follow them on both Twitter and Facebook, but at the end of April they put on their Facebook account that one of their biggest songs from 1997, You Showed Me, was 20 years old. 20 YEARS OLD!!!!

I decided to take you guys down with me!!

That made me feel really really old, but they did say sorry!

But this made me think, 1997, the year which saw Princess Diana die in a car crash, a Labour victory in the General Election and the launch of Channel 5! It was also the year that I turned 18, and people do say that songs on or around your 18th birthday will stay with you for the rest of your life.


Some of the big songs that stayed with me from this year, apart from ‘You Showed Me’, included the highly anticipated follow up album, Be Here Now, by Oasis along with Song 2 by Blur – which was featured on FIFA 98 for the PlayStation.

A great song which is still great now, but what other songs will now turn 20 years old this year.

This is the bit which will make you feel old!

According to http://www.uk-charts.top-source.info the most popular songs of 1997 were:

Position Artist Title
01 Puff Daddy & Faith Evans I’ll Be Missing You
02 Elton John Something About The Way You Look / Candle In The Wind
03 Aqua Barbie Girl
04 No Doubt Don’t Speak
05 Will Smith Men In Black
06 R Kelly I Believe I Can Fly
07 Chumbawamba Tubthumping
08 Eternal featuring BeBe Winans I Wanna Be The Only One
09 No Mercy Where Do You Go
10 Hanson Mmm Bop

These may be the most popular and more likely to be the most commercial in terms of sales and the songs were iconic no doubt about that, but there are some gems which weren’t in the top ten which turn 20 years old this year.

Such as everyone’s favourite TV Theme –

and one of my favourite songs of all time, an all time classic

Feeling old yet?


Music in this year really stood out for me and so did those previous news stories but if you asked me about films in this year then I couldn’t reel them off in the same way.

But Titanic and The Full Monty were among the biggest earners in this year along with family favourite Men In Black and every teenagers favourite film (well at the time) Boogie Nights!! “Thank You Eddie”

Batman and Robin also was around, but the less said about this film the better!!

Think I depressed myself writing this!!