Upton Fest 2018

Upton Fest 2018 – Was a great event

As usual when it comes to finding something to do with the family on a Bank Holiday Sunday it can be difficult, as no one wants to stay in the house – especially as in the morning the weather was glorious!

Thankfully around the corner from my mother-in-laws was Upton Fest 2018

Upton Fest 2018

This is something which we went to back in 2017 which was good but nothing which I thought was something to look out for, but this year they clearly had learnt and listened to the previous feedback and put on this even event and I thought it was a success.

Just outside Upton Fest
Just outside Upton Fest

Ok so this year to get in did cost £5 per person which you may think is a little steep but it got you access stalls, games, food, drink as well as stage with continual live acts throughout the day.

The variety of stalls and activities is something which we were after to keep my family entertained.

My little lad raced towards the fairground rides whilst my wife and daughter went straight for the food and drink stalls.

We walked around for a bit just to take in all that was going on before deciding what to eat and drink and to sit down and enjoy the music.

My wife went for Halloumi Fries whilst I went for the Jamaican Chicken Jerk Burrito, the boy went for the standard Hotdog whilst my daughter went for Prosecco and a Chicken wrap.

Nice food and drink at Upton Fest
Nice food and drink at Upton Fest

So there was something for everyone.

We then had to go and win something on the hook a duck which we did and my boy went for a football – which for some strange reason he didn’t want to get wet!?!

Live Music

The live music was provided by various local artists all of which sang live and were all songs which everyone knew and people were singing along with them whilst they sat back enjoyed the food, drink and weather.

Music Stage at Upton Fest 2018
Music Stage at Upton Fest 2018


The day was nice and chilled until, the forecasted, weather took the expected turn for the worst and the heavens opened and rain came smashing down.

As you can see the weather started off superbly

Most people did have umbrellas, some took cover under the trees around the edge but unfortunately for the organisers most headed for the exit. This was a real shame as the event was just getting started.

Now I didn’t stay for the full duration due to the weather but on another day and the weather had held then I would have gladly stayed their all day, trying different foods as well as different beverages obviously.

We now even had a ball to play with, but we were drenched and this got the best of us and we called it a day and walked back up to my mother-in-laws.

We still kept seeing people later on in the afternoon walking down to the event, and it was busy when I was there, so I can only assume that the organisers viewed the day as successful.

Me and my family had a great day out!

Relaxing at Upton Fest
Relaxing at Upton Fest

The event was held in Upton Chester on the playing fields on Wealstone Lane, if 2018 was anything to go by then I am now looking forward to the 2019 event!

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