Noel Gallagher – Still the king of Rock’n’roll?

Back in 1996 I had a poster on my wall which stated that Noel Gallagher was the king of rock’n’roll for that year, he was my idol at that time and the show at the Manchester Arena on Friday (3rd May 2018) proved without a shadow of doubt he is still the king in my opinion.

When tickets became available it was a no brainer!

It shows the level of his performance when his set was just short of 2 hours long but it felt like 5 minutes and every single person in the sold out Manchester Arena wished he had gone on for another 2 hours (The support was only on for 30 minutes but that felt like 5 hours!).

The best part of Noel, is that he has continued to keep up with the big hits and great tunes post Oasis and his voice hasn’t faltered one bit. Where as you can notice Liam’s voice wobbling slightly and not at the level at the height of Oasis, Noel’s voice is still the same when smashing out the hits.

Noel came on the stage, no nonsense, no fuss, just picked up his guitar and started to crank out his solo songs and the crowd was bouncing.

He then did interact with the crowd just before banging out ‘Little by Little’ and the crowd were bouncing even more. A mix of solo, new solo and Oasis songs meant the night just got better and better hence why the concert appeared to fly by.

Noel didn’t need to interact with the crowd that much as the songs just spoke for themselves

The set list contained –

  1. Fort Knox
  2. Holy Mountain
  3. Keep on Reaching
  4. It’s a Beautiful World
  5. In the Heat of the Moment
  6. Riverman
  7. Ballad of the Mighty I
  8. If I Had a Gun…
  9. Dream On
  10. Little by Little
  11. The Importance of Being Idle
  12. If Love Is the Law
  13. Dead in the Water
  14. Be Careful What You Wish For
  15. She Taught Me How to Fly
  16. Half the World Away
  17. Wonderwall
  18. .. What a Life!
  19. The Right Stuff
  20. Go Let It Out
  21. Don’t Look Back in Anger
  22. All You Need Is Love (The Beatles cover)

As you can see it is a stellar set list, and finishing with a Beatles cover after the banging tune of Don’t Look Back brought the end of a superb night.

If he tours again will I attend, 100% yes, is he still the king of rock and roll in my eyes…….


Of course he is!!

(I took the pics and video but all copyright obviously belongs to Noel)