A great day out at Blakemere Countryside Fair

We stumbled across the Blakemere Countryside Fair last year and attended again this and it is well worth it. I attended on Saturday 21st July but it is on again, today as I write this, Sunday 22nd.

It is well worth it but also it is well worth keeping an eye out on social media for the next event.

It is also probably one of the best organised events around, with parking not an issue and people on hand to assist with the parking and to direct you to the entrance.

A well organised car park is always the right signal that it will be a good event.

Blakemere Countryside Fair

It is a 2 day event set in the field at the front of Blakemere Village, we usually attend the village part, which is why we knew about the event.

It really is a great day out with lots of stalls, shows, rides and or course food and drink.

It is £5 entry but this isn’t that expensive when I have compared it to other similar type of events but this gets you access to the stalls and shows.

The shows include –

  • Impulse Dance Show
  • Ferret Racing
  • Dog and Duck Show
  • Dog Shows
  • Chain Saw Carving
  • Extreme Mountain Bike Show


So when you get to see these then you realise that the entry fee is actually justified, well obviously in my opinion.

Aside from the shows, there are stalls selling anything from locally crafted beer to homemade fudge to handcrafted stalls – so this keeps the adults further occupied in between the various shows.

There are rides, bouncy castles, hook-a-duck amusements for the children but these come at an additional fee, but again it is worth the fee to keep the young ones entertained, again in between shows.

The craft tents are were also good as this was another option to keep the little ones entertained.

The Food

The food was ok and reasonably priced, I felt that there could have been more of a wider selection of food but that was my personal preference – I had a hog roast bap which I was perfectly happy with.

I also thought that there could have been a real ale bar, there might have been but maybe I just didn’t see it – probably best as I was driving anyway.

So a couple of things that maybe could be improved but I am being very critical on a great event.

Overall we were here for about 3 hours, before we decided to go over to the actual village.

Blakemere Village

The village itself is great, and I am a big fan of the village (one of the reasons why we knew about the event) but they keep improving it and adding sections to the village.

We had a good look around and even went on the miniature train which is by the back car park, this was only a £1 for 2 laps.

This time around there was an outdoor type area with a variety of paid for activities and this is on top of the onsite brewery, restaurant and numerous craft shops.

I would certainly recommend the village even if the summer fair wasn’t on (Blakemere Village).

Overall it kept the family occupied and happy for a day – at least.