Why running 26.2 miles is the best feeling in the world!!

In my opinion, Yes!

As I sat there on Sunday morning watching all of the runners take part in what is the best long distance race in the world, I thought back to when I undertook the magnificent London Marathon and I was jealous.

That’s right jealous, the thought and feeling that you get once you cross that finishing line, is something that is hard to replicate. It is a sense of accomplishment that your mind and body has beaten the odds of running 26 miles without giving up.

It isn’t the day itself, it is about the entire build up, preparation, the fundraising, the expo and then going back home to your family, friends and colleagues with a medal that you wear with pride.

Now don’t get me wrong, the stages of the marathon does take its toll on your mind and body, and in both cases I am not afraid to say it but I broke down in tears once I crossed the line and met my family.

But this unique course, and the residents and people of London, get you through these barriers (as well as the other runners of course). The encouragement of the people of London in superb and they are there for hours, clapping away – which was great for me as I was way way way down the order of runners lol

My wife meeting me at around the 20 mile marker

When your mind starts to go and you know the ‘wall’ is coming it is these people and supporters that get you through this and get you to the end.

Now you will feel like you have been run over several after the race itself and the next morning but the pain is diluted over the pride and feeling that you get.

So to reiterate again, yes it is one of the best feelings in the world and I will be entering the ballot when the 2018 entries open!

I love it!