Trying to kick start my fitness again!

So after injury, poor eating and a great holiday it is clearly time to kick start my fitness again and to shift those pounds.

But where to start, I know a key stumbling block for anyone starting a fitness regime is that there is far too much information out there on the web and can be confusing for some.

So I thought I would pull together some points which has and is going to help me get back in shape.

I want to get running 10k’s again!

Fitness – Keep it simple

I think that, if like me, you are out of shape, the first initial steps don’t have to be hard. In fact the easiest start is actual steps.

A walk around the block or estate, improving the distance each time, maybe then followed up by increasing the intensity. I found that just by a jog/run/jog in between lamp posts can be a good way to help with your fitness.

Then once the basics are correct start to move onto more intense and focused sessions such as an “all around” fitness class like boxercise or circuits.

Obviously, contact the instructor beforehand, explain that you are completely out of shape and are a bit worried etc.  A good instructor will reassure you and tell you that you can drop out of the class whenever you have to etc… until you are fit enough to complete the whole routine.

Something which I haven’t really engaged with before is weigh training, my mind has always been focused on the cardio element, as I love running but this is also a great way to start to get fit.

Weight training is clearly the best way to change your physique.  If your goal is to ‘look good’, then weight training is a must. I would recommend training with a seasoned friend, or paying a personal trainer, such as Neon Life, to help you with the first 4 or 5 sessions.

Don’t rush into weight training as you could cause yourself a serious injury and put your fitness goals back.

Diet – Keep it simple too

Diet is the hardest part, I have heard some trainers say that getting fit is about 80% in the kitchen and not the gym.

It’s relatively easy to workout 3 times a week, but diet is a lifestyle, and 24/7.

I have undertaken the Slimming World diet (again) which suits me based on my lifestyle and working patterns and so far it is working. The hardest part I find and is an important part of this diet, is to eat my allocated syns for the day.

Some days eating syns feels like I am going against the diet plan but it is all part of the plan. I now ensure that I have my 15 syns especially on days where I have undertaken exercise, either cardio or weights.

Obviously there are other areas to focus on such as cutting out sugar and deep fried foods.

Cut out takeaways too. That’s probably all you need to do.

When you are at your ideal weight, think about having 1 cheat day, at the weekend.

Another good tip – is mindful eating, before you eat anything take a moment to appreciate the work and effort you have put into make the meal and the positive impact it will have on your.

Such as ‘speed foods’ on the slimming world regime.

Goal Setting

Goal-setting is important.

Set a specific Outcome Goal – e.g. “I want to get to a 32 inch waist by the Christmas party”

And set Process Goals – “I will achieve this by cutting out all sugar and deep fried foods” and “I will go to the gym twice a week”

For example my weigh in day is on a Thursday so I plan my gym days and meals in line with my weigh in day.

This helps keep you focused and motivated. Remember these goals by printing them and putting them on your fridge.

Be mindful of these goals when food-shopping too, at the start of each week I plan out my meals, and only purchase the ingredients needed for those meals.

Extra Help

A training-partner, a personal trainer or even an interactive fitness can help keep you motivated.

The first month or two is always the hardest – don’t give up!

Remember, exercise is very addictive, as is the concept of ‘mastery’ and improvement.

As soon as you see improvements, and progression; chances are you’ll be hooked.

The hardest part is making it part of a routine and keeping it up for the first month or two.

I am sticking to these points in order to get my fitness back again!