The first rule of Gin Club is….

well obviously to tell everyone about Gin Club!! In fact it is the only rule!!

When I started the Slimming World diet I needed a new drink which had the least Syns as Guinness had a high amount, so one of the alcoholic drinks with the least syns was Gin.

Never tasted it before and was unsure what to expect, as I had always associated this drink as a old persons drink (maybe I am getting old – ha) but I gave it a try. Started off with Bombay Saphire, Low Fat Tonic with a slice of Lemon and Lime. It was surprisingly refreshing and now I am addicted, but not in a bad way.

After Bombay, I then started to try different types of Gin from Hendrix to Gordon’s all were nice in there own way. However I did come across William Chase when I was searching for the most popular gin in the UK.

To be honest this is my favourite so far, with a slice of Apple, it has a different taste of juniper and citrus.

But it is also good to look for new gins and see how the different tastes are. So I came across an ad on Facebook for, and it was a really good idea.

For a monthly subscription fee you get sent through the post, the best parcel you will receive on a monthly basis, 2 tonics and 2 different gins each month.

This month’s box features Merchant’s Heart tonic, Broker’s Gin, and Kokoro Gin.

So you get about 4 G&T’s each month, along with back ground on each one of these and suggested recipes, which is helpful considering I am still a relative novice in relation to gin.

I have been a member for a couple of months now and there have been some which I have really like and some not so much but if you don’t attempt to try new tastes and flavours then how will you ever know if you like something.

If you really like a particular flavour then you can go onto their site and purchase a bigger bottle – simples!

I haven’t been contacted or paid to say this either, it is in my opinion that this is a really good idea to get to taste new gin flavours and I look forward to the box arriving each month.

I don’t even have to leave the house!