Slimming World – Week 17

I know this may seem odd starting at week 17 but I have only just started my blog lol!!

So lets start at the beginning – Christmas 2016

I know everyone over indulges at Christmas, but I had picked up an injury in September just before the Great North Run which I was recovering from and hadn’t been undertaking any form of exercise at all. The problem was my diet had remained exactly the same and I hadn’t taken any steps to cut back whilst I wasn’t exercising. So the Christmas over indulgence just pilled on top of what an already big problem – as you can see on the main image on the left.

I got up on boxing day and I couldn’t fit into any of my clothes which I had been bought for Christmas and this included a really nice Hugo Boss jumper. Now my daughter had been attending a local Slimming World group so I decided to go along and see what the score was in between Christmas and New Year.

I got on the scales and they shot up to 17st 1lb, I was mortified truly mortified, a change needed to happen and I decided to plough ahead with the Slimming World diet. At the same time I also entered a couple of 10k races and 2 half marathons, as my foot was fully recovered, and I needed the additional motivation.

So the diet started, weekly menus and shopping lists were planned out and the training plan was put in place.

Every day I was eating oat pancake for breakfast, with a salad for lunch and a different tea each night. I kept drinking Diet Coke (syn free) and I could still have my chocolate cravings with a curly wurly (6 syns). I thought that this diet was not going to make a jot of difference but after the first week I lost 5lbs even though I was still eating food I liked and food which was filling me.

The teas we were, and still are, making include different types of curries, asian food, full English Breakfasts and my favourite Diet Coke Chicken (and sometimes Quorn).

Each week the weight was coming off at different rates to start but now it has been more consistent  and only once have I gained. Now I have also been training for the races but my body hasn’t crashed to hold onto the fat and you can have the cheat days with fatty foods and beer as long as you get back onto the diet.

Remember the saying 1 meal one get you thin, the same as 1 meal wont make you fat.

Fast forward to my weigh in last Thursday and the scales hit 14st 7.5lbs, which meant I gained my latest certificate.

I have tried many diets but this one truly does work, the results can be seen in main picture of this post and the scales each and every morning, any doubters give it a try and stick to it for a bit and you will see the difference.

I have had a bad couple of days over the Bank Holiday weekend and the scales were a little higher this morning than I would have liked but not 17st 1lb, which I keep saying to myself. I feel so much better and I fit into better looking clothes and my Hugo Boss jumper I got at Christmas is now too big for me, which is great just I shame I can’t exchange it!

But my first half marathon of the year was at the start of April and I took time off after this to recover my body before training starts again this week for the next half marathon and the subsequent 10k’s.

So the journey will get back on track and continue this week, and I will reach the promised land of the early 13st area, doubt I will ever have a flat stomach or a six pack but you never know unless you work towards that goal (I may undertake a 30 day ab challenge just to see).

Onwards and upwards.