Rock N Roll Half Marathon Number

Was ‘Rock N Roll’ the end of the road?

Rock n Roll? The end of the road? Wait What?!?!

Ok so let me explain, I have been running long distances since 2010 (when I had my early life crisis) and during this time I have undertaken many different types of distances from one milers through to 3 full marathons – which I am supremely proud about completing regardless of the time.

In May 2018 I undertook the Liverpool Rock n Roll half marathon and the way that I feel both mentally and physically now it may well be my last long distance race.

At the start of the year, I had a goal in mind, and that was to run a full marathon under 5 hours – my personal best for a marathon is 5 hours and 7 minutes.

Start of the year

Back in January I had set out a full training plan which included several 10k’s, a half marathon (Chester) in the build up to the main event of the full marathon.

Everything felt fine, I knew I had to lose a couple of lb’s, but this would come as I built up my training heading into May. I always knew that the barometer of how well I would do in the main race would be the Chester Half Marathon.

So the training began, but something wasn’t right, I had a very sharp pain behind my knee cap in my left knee. It didn’t feel right at all.

My first step was to see a couple of private physio’s and see if they could get to the bottom of the issue in my knee – both stated it was a fat pad behind my knee cap which was weak and I needed to strengthen this leg and the pain will ease.

Now the pain which I was, still am, having only happens when my leg is bent. So when I am walking and jogging then I don’t really feel any pain – just when I sit down.

The 2 different sets of exercise which I undertook didn’t do anything just made the pain worse, much worse, this made training difficult obviously.

I did manage to get through a couple of 10k’s during this time with ok times, around an hour each time, and knew that this was likely down to lack of training due to the pain.

As I was building up to the Chester Half, I had to fully stop training for another health reason, which meant I couldn’t do any running what so ever – this was a blow, but I thought the rest would assist my knee.

It wasn’t to be the case and my knee was still the same.

Chester came and went and my knee was just not having it, which meant a big decision in relation to the Rock n Roll Marathon had to be made – defer until next year (which I found out you can’t do) or drop down to the half.

I opted to drop down to the half.

Start of the Liverpool Rock n Roll Half Marathon
Start of the Liverpool Rock n Roll Half Marathon

The Race

The race itself is great, very well organised, great route through the centre of Liverpool, out towards China Town, into Sefton Park and then onto the front back through to the echo arena.

It was a hot day, the runners were all in good spirits as usual and the race took place.

Now before the race I had in my head made the decision that it would be my last race, so I ran without music (which isn’t like me for a half) and took in everything.

This actually made the run very enjoyable but my knee was screaming out to me and I had to run/walk/run the final couple of miles – which was very disappointing!

The End
The End

So what’s next?

Well it does look like it is the end of the road, a couple of weeks after the race and my knee is screwed, simple as that!

I am very disappointed as I wanted to run another half marathon with my friend for his 40th in September but this is off the cards for now.

It will no doubt leave a huge gap in my life and it was also a stress reliever but my head and body are certainly not in the right place to continue.

Next stop is the Dr’s now to see if I can get a scan and get to the bottom of this issue.