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Having the right equipment does make the difference!

Whilst trying to set up this, my very first, blog site I thought I was on a server which suited my needs but after several speed and performance issues it soon became clear that I wasn’t on what I needed.

Thankfully I now am and back up and blogging/venting!

But it made me think about my main hobby and that is running and the importance of having the right equipment.

I learnt a long time ago that the right investment into the correct running equipment & clothing is essential especially, in my case, for long distance running. Back in 2011 I entered the London Marathon for the first time and started the necessary training in order to survive and it started off tough.

But the right equipment made it better


So when I first started running it was all about the cost, so I bought a cheap pair of trainers and thought nothing of it, but after my first run my feet were in ruins!! Don’t worry I don’t have a picture to show!

That is when I decided that I needed to invest more into a set of trainers but I then went for style & brand next, which was my next mistake. I had invested into trainers that looked good but still didn’t look after my feet and I ended up with some serious blisters and foot pain.

So I sought the help of a specialist running shop and undertook a gait test who then provided me with a set of trainers that fitted like a glove (or shoe in this case). It made training significantly better.

I now always go for a gait test every year before I purchase my next set of trainers.

Currently I am wearing Mizuno Wave Inspire and have done for the past 3 years, couldn’t recommend them high enough!

Mizuno Wave Inspire
Mizuno Wave Inspire

Running Bottoms

Now in the past I wore just ordinary track suit pants which is fine but on the longer distance runs did cause some chaffing.

So I invested in some running tights both long and short, again these made the difference in my opinion. I go running most lunch times, not only just to train but to relieve some stresses, and the stick I get from my work colleagues when I wear these is unreal.

But trust me they are worth it.


Now for me this isn’t as important but I did try some running vests which were tight but all they did was cause joggers nipple which stings like buggery!!

So as I am on the larger side the looser the top the better really, when training I usually wear the tops I have gained whilst undertaking previous runs but when a race comes around then a loose running vest is best.


Now this is just down to personal preference really but I prefer to put my phone in a running belt rather than on my arm which I see other runners have.

A good running belt can old my phone (so I can listen to music), hold money and my car keys on race days.

I don’t think I could have completed all the races if I didn’t have all of the right equipment, in fact I don’t think I would have grown to love running if I didn’t as the pain from 6/7 years ago still stays with me!!

I have ensured that I have all of the correct equipment ahead of the Chester Half on Sunday!

Please comment if you have any specific running equipment which is a must!